5 Facts that show that you should have a
Video on your website …

Fact #1
People buy from people

Fact #2
There is no question that YOUR customers buy from YOU first and your products and services second.

Fact #3
Without question, knowing the person behind the business builds your prospects trust and confidence.

Fact #4
Your enthusiasm and knowledge in your business comes across infinitely better when you speak about it in person.

Fact #5
The internet is now probably the most common way for buyers to seek out new products and services and is certainly the first place they check to research a new suppliers profile.

You probably thought that a professional video on your website would be expensive. Well it doesn’t have to be!

We can put a video on your website for £87.00* plus vat! And if you’re not happy we’ll give you your money back!

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If your website has just words describing you and your business you are missing out.

If your website has a photograph of YOU, you’re getting there!

If your website has a video of YOU talking enthusiastically about YOUR BUSINESS you are streets ahead of your competition!

View some sample spontaneous video introductions here:

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If you would like a video for your website email me at hello@videoforyourcompany.co.uk

In its simplest form you can have a video lasting up to two minutes, which includes:

Two minutes to tell your prospects how fantastic your business is
Your logo
Your name, company and job title
Your web address and phone number
Help with your wording
A very sympathetic approach if you are nervous
Plenty of patience
Your video hosted on YouTube with keywords and description
Video files that you can use on your website
All that from just £87.00* plus VAT
You may be unsure about doing this and its possible benefits to your business.
Here are some questions people ask…

Q. Is it really worth while having a video on my website?
A. Absolutely Yes! It is, without question, one of the best and simplest ways to build buyer confidence and trust

Q. I’m really nervous about speaking in public let alone in front of a camera!
A. Don’t worry! None of the business owners on the sample page are professional speakers. With just a couple of practises they were able to produce a very good short piece as you can see! Just about every one is nervous. We’ll help you feel at ease and talk just as if you were having a conversation with a potential customer.

Q. I wouldn’t know what to say
A. Most business owners don’t when they are confronted with a camera! If you go to business networking meetings and give a one minute presentation then that’s your easiest starting point. But even if you’ve never had to do that we’ll help you work out the best and most effective things to say.

Q. I don’t know how to get the video onto my website afterwards.
A. With the video hosted on YouTube it’s really easy to add a short piece of code to your web page and YouTube does the rest!

Q. Isn’t YouTube just for teenagers prank videos and not suitable for serious business?
A. Absolutely not! The benefits to your business of having a video on YouTube are endless. There are countless business based presentations on there from both small businesses and very large enterprises as they understand the spin offs from being on there.

Q. How can I be sure that what I say has a good sales focus to get the best out of the video?
A. We are Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialists. We know the way to put things across to ensure that your prospects are convinced that they should call you. Learn about Roy Gough and Alloy CRM here. http://www.alloycrm.com

Q. But I want something more than just a short 2 minute video.
A. Talk to us. We can come out to your premises, or any other location, produce a professional video that will present your business in the best possible light and give potential customers the confidence to do business with you.

Q. What if I’m really not happy with the video when it’s done?
A. If you are really think your video will not build trust and confidence in your prospective customers, then we’ll give you your money back! ** No question. We want you to be delighted with your video

If you would like a video for your website email me now or email me at hello@videoforyourcompany.co.uk

Just £87.00* plus VAT will get your business video up and running.